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Any time, any place, any device. True mobility can only be achieved once identity and device management are orchestrated from the cloud.
Physically separated, yet virtually together has become the new normal. The fusion between technology and human creates a solid foundation for today’s collaborative workforce.
Transform your business processes and drive workplace efficiency. Save costs using workflows, dashboards and AI while increasing productivity.
Trust is the foundation upon which everything is built. Costly point solutions are a blast from the past. An integrated security and compliance approach reduces complexity and boosts agility.
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How can we prepare organizations to thrive in the face of change? Are workplace transformation and modern management concepts really useful or is it just a hype? Can organizations benefit from these new concepts? Why should we opt for cloud based workplace orchestration and what’s in it for us? With our vision and strategy exercise we’re helping our customers to take a step back before going forward. Ways2Work determines your current maturity level, envisions on future possibilities, identifies potential roadblocks, draws roadmaps and lays the foundation for your future workplace modernization.

Let’s face it… Security based on the perimeter or loosely coupled point solutions are outdated. Increased mobility needs and the proliferation of Cloud applications have redefined today’s security landscape forever. Now the internet has become the new security perimeter. Basically new security concepts -based on the users’ identity- must be adhered to face current and future security challenges. Ways2Work helps organizations to build a strong identity and access management foundation. Inspired by the famous zero trust approach, we leverage the capabilities of Microsoft’s Identity and Access management integrated solution. Ways2Work helps customers in their transition towards an identity centric security strategy.

Modern workstyles are de facto mobile, flexible and often include multiple devices. Support must be provided for different business models.  Such workstyles can no longer be managed in a traditional way using on premise tooling’s and approaches. On the contrary: companies need to adhere a Cloud first strategy for their endpoint deployment and management to face the challenges of tomorrow . Ways2Work helps companies to realize this fundamental change. Whether you want to offer a consumer alike user experience to your employees, unburden your IT department or enter the Walhalla of Unified Endpoint management you can count on us.

How can businesses stay relevant in challenging times? Simply by reinventing their business processes and rethink the way users work. Obviously applications and integrations play an important role in this entire exercise. Application lifecycle management must become agile and support widely distributed environments. Traditional application stacks should be reviewed and modernized in order to support our mobile ways of working. Transition technologies should be considered as an interim solution if application modernization is not immediately feasible for your organization. Ways2Work offers various pragmatic application modernization tracks to solve this puzzle for you.  

Our approach
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You organisation is unique, so is the way we want to work with you
Ways2Work - Think
Digital workplace transformation doesn’t happen overnight. Together with you, we define a joined battle plan. We determine your current work styles and showcase you what the new way of working is all about.
Ways2Work - Plan
Modern workspaces are quite complex due to the number of technologies and interdependencies involved. We reduce complexity by offering a model based on logical building blocks. This modular, persona based approach provides a true user centric experience to your employees.
Ways2Work - Ready
Once our joined roadmap is defined, we can start building your future workspace. Depending on the specific needs we can opt for a partial or a full blown deployment.
Ways2Work - Operate
Operational management and continuous improvement are key for any given environment. If needed, we can unburden our customers either partially or fully.
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Great minds think alike.
Ways2Work started out in 2021 as a collaboration effort between like-minded colleagues who believe that we should empower the ultimate mobile device: YOU! We offer our business customers modern end-2-end workplace solutions based on future proof technologies.
Thinking out of the box is not an idle concept for us. We are a proud member of the Cronos group which has been established in 1991. Today Cronos is one of the largest employers in the Belgian IT-landscape with more than 7000 employees and a revenue of over 800 million €.

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